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Fashion Figures, How Well I am ?

I miss those old college days when I was attending Fashion Designing Classes. I hope that I can go back into time and again work with my old Friends. But Here I am not going to discuss about my Old days or friends, but I will show you my little art work in action.

Fashion Figure! is a representation of a designers thoughts, if he don’t have money to hire any model. Lols 😉 sorry! Aham Aham Fashion industry is not much recognized in Pakistan for Lower Standard or Lower Society. I joined this industry and now I think I had just wasted my time and money also. Because I was unable to find any path to achieve my destination, which was in my mind.

Here are some of my Fashion Figures made by me when I want to become a fashion designer, I worked hard to achieve that goal but soon I realized that This Job is not for me. These figure are made on a theme of OLD England Fashion, which I saw on HBO. Color Pencils of Fiber Castle used in the making of these figures.

But One Thing I would say here ” I will not leave this work until I get something out from it”, may be some day someone will admire my work over the internet and ask me to join with him/them. Hopes are still alive, silly I am. hahahaha…..

So Here are some more Fashion Figures and I am gonna tease you people with my work hahahaha. So enjoy! And if you like them please comment because I need your comments.

And if you want to see my complete art work I will paste a link of my online Art Gallery at the end of this Post.

If you want to visit complete Art Gallery Page please Click on the following Link:

Thank you……..!


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